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Thursday, 12 May 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: Reflections

This was the first time I had entered this blog into the A-Z Challenge.  Unlike the Murch Blog, it at least existed before the challenge, but my entries were very sporadic (and some so cringeworthy that I hid them away!).  The Challenge was in an effort to change all that.

And while I wrote, I discovered something about myself that I thought I had lost.  The sheer joy of writing.  Yes, there were times when I thought "this is so exhausting; I must have been mad to enter three blogs into the Challenge," and there were even times when I wondered if April was ever going to come to an end.  But then I looked at my stats.  Over 2 thousand views.  4.4 thousand views to my Twitter feed (shared with GenWestUK and the Murch Blog, of course).  My Google+ account has shot up to over 92 thousand views. I wasn't just enjoying myself; I was achieving! Thank you to everybody who has given me a much-needed boost.

That's something that the A-Z Challenge can do for you.  It can do so many different things for so many different people, but increasing your self-esteem is a benefit - mostly hidden until April is over and you have a moment to catch your breath.  I'm still catching mine!

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