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Monday, 26 September 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: Write a Novel As Well

One of the things you are supposed to do as an ML, apart from all the Regional things (write-ins etc) is write your 50,000 word novel-in-a-month AS WELL.  You actually sign up to do it.  So now I have caught my breath (it is still only September, but only just), I am turning my attention to What Will I Write About?

1) Trilby Tweedale and the...
A few months back, as I was researching my family history, I came across an ancestor with a fantastic name: Grace Winifred Jessica Jane Tweedale, who called herself "Trilby" (she certainly wasn't baptised with that name!
Imaginary TT
She would have been a 'flapper' in the 1920s, and I have since found out that she was a child actress.  So I thought I simply HAD to use her name.  The way I was thinking of using was that she was a lady detective in the 20s.  Now, I have done a bit of reading around, and there are others, but "Daisy Dalrymple" is an Honourable who moves in high society, and "Phryne Fisher" is a fabulously wealthy detective in Australia (she even has her own domain now!), so I feel it is OK to use Trilby Tweedale.  She will be working class, not an Honourable, and in this country, not Australia.  I tried reading the Nancy Drew mysteries, but didn't like the writing style.  Perhaps Trilby should be even younger, so she counts as children's or YA literature. I could put Trilby in a murder-mystery type novel - but would that count as literature suitable for children?

The picture here is not necessarily her.  I also found a picture of Louise Brooks, the iconic American 'flapper' actress, but she does look a bit like Phryne Fisher to me.  Maybe another characteristic of Trilby could be that she wishes her hair was dark and straight, like Louise's, then she could have a fashionable bob. 


2) Blue Ruby and the Mystic Topaz
Following on from my Gemstone Girls series with Blue Ruby, Scarlet Diamond, and Purple Opal - well, perhaps I should follow on.  It's just that I don't have too many initial brainstorm ideas.  
  • Protagonist has an ashes-paperweight, acts as a guide/compass to quest for what? 
  • Jewel (to follow on from Blue Ruby?) which allows her to transport to different worlds/times/dimensions.  In search of...?

She could have a villain called Green Garnet?

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